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3 become 1 – Boxon consolidates the brand and launches new website that brings together previous digital portals.

In recent years, the packaging company Boxon has been working to consolidate its business areas and review its overall offering – with the ultimate aim of communicating with customers in a better, more targeted way. One step in enhancing the Boxon brand is also to have a cohesive digital profile and to be able to offer customers one joint digital platform that combines information, web shop and customer portal.

Boxon has been working for a few years with a focus on digital development, including web shops in the Nordic countries and customer portals for customers with subcontractors.  Simple order portals for customer-specific labels and packaging have also been developed. While interest and demand have grown among customers, developments at Boxon have been happening at a rapid pace. But in different portals, which has ultimately become unsustainable.

The idea of combining the different portals to create one joint one has been around for a long time. In connection with last year’s initiative to develop communication around the brand and the offering, the time was also right to turn this idea into reality and to start the digital development.

The project was run jointly by Emilie Olsson, Digital Marketing Manager and Fredrik Lethin, E-Commerce Manager, at Boxon, with a major focus on linking up sales and brand communication in a comprehensible way.

“It hasn’t been the easiest of tasks,” says Emilie Olsson, continuing: “one major challenge has been to find a structure and user interface that communicates our brand, our offering and our products in one single place. And that also has to be directed at different customer groups, both big and small, and with different needs. But ultimately we found a way that we believe will be perceived as being an improved experience for customers and visitors.”

The partner in the project is Consid, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing companies offering consultancy services in the areas of IT, management and digital marketing, and that has one of its offices in Helsingborg. The platform chosen by Boxon is Episerver and EpiCommerce.

“Collaboration with Consid worked really well. We believe in the solution and envisage long-term development with both Consid and Episerver. Many of our customers are already placing their orders digitally today, and we can now offer customers an even better solution and a better order flow via one channel,” says Fredrik Lethin.

The project manager from Consid was Maya Ljungblad, who together with a dedicated Consid team brought the project home despite a tight deadline and plenty of challenges.

“It’s been an intensive, but really enjoyable project. We faced a tough challenge when we started in March, but thanks to amazing collaboration both within the entire team and also with Boxon, we ended up with a solution that we believe will take the customer experience to the next level,” says Maya.

Customers who previously bought online from Boxon will now experience improved functionality, extended product information, a more efficient order flow and a clearer overall picture of Boxon. The best parts of previous solutions have been picked out, improved and implemented on the new website.

The new website, which in Sweden goes under the name of, has replaced the previous website, the web shop and the customer portal My Pages. Denmark and Norway will have the same setup and concept. The launch also features a new Finnish and an English website, although without the web shop. The next stage involves Germany and France at the beginning of next year.

It was during Scanpack last week that Boxon first presented its business concept in a new, updated style, in which not only the communication, but also the appearance had been freshened up. At the same time, visitors to the stand had an opportunity for a sneak peak at the new website and other digital innovations.

CEO Anders Yllfors concludes:

“It feels really great to be able to show our customers a new initiative, in both our business concept and an enhanced digital experience.”

You can find the new websites here:


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Emilie Olsson, Digital Marketing Manager

+46 (0)739 - 85 07 38

Fredrik Lethin, E-Commerce Manager

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