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Christmas Calendar to Netthandelsgruppen AS

This year we had the opportunity to create a Christmas calendar together with Netthandelsgruppen AS. The calender has 24 hatches with 25 products in it. The calendar itself is made of corrugated instead of cardboard.  

Previous year the company sold a smaller and simpler version of the calendar but this year they wanted to expand by putting more focus on branding. The idea to develop a calendar emerged as the phenomenon of Christmas calendars has increased explosively in recent years. The company also saw an opportunity in the market because they wanted to offer a calendar with eatable product that also were suger-free.  


The collaboration between Boxon and Netthandelsgruppen AS

The company choose Boxon, and it was the obvious choice according to Netthandelsgruppen, as they have been working with us for a time and are satisfied both with the company and with our Account Manager Frank Vee.  

quote_37x26.png Frank is very helpful and easy to work with, I can only describe the collaboration as positive," says Matteo Cocito from Netthandelsgruppen.” 


Boxon's solution

Frank Vee discussed the idea with Enda Ström, Packaging Engineer at Boxon. He in turn produced a drawing that matched the customer's wishes, and a prototype was made in corrugated cardboard.

If you are interested in a similar solution for next year, get in touch.


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