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Understand FSC® and why it matters to your business

FSC labeling is common among products we use daily, such as furniture, wood and not least packaging.

FSC certification is essential to promote sustainable forestry. It confirms that the forests are managed in a way that considers the environment, social needs, and economic sustainability. Products bearing the FSC label give consumers confidence that their purchases support the preservation of forests and promote sustainable development.

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is an independent organization that works to promote responsible forestry and maintain the balance between environmental, social, and economic aspects of forestry. The organization was founded in Toronto in 1993 and over the years has grown to become the world's most widespread certification system. Thousands of companies worldwide use the FSC certification today.

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Various FSC certifications

What different FSC labels are available?

To make it easier for consumers, FSC offers different labels that indicate different aspects of sustainable forestry.

  1. FSC 100%: Products bearing the FSC 100% label are made only from materials from forests that are FSC certified. This means that the raw material has been sourced from forestry that meets strict requirements for environmental, social, and economic sustainability according to FSC standards.

  2. FSC Mix: Products bearing the FSC Mix label are made from a combination of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and/or materials that are FSC-controlled. This gives consumers the opportunity to choose products that both promote sustainable forestry and reuse of resources.

  3. FSC Recycled: Products that have the FSC Recycled label are made from 100% recycled material. This label clearly shows that the product contributes to reducing the need to take new resources from nature and promotes a circular economy.

Why should you choose FSC-certified products?

The certification means that the products come from forests that are managed in a way that takes nature and society into account. By choosing FSC-certified products, you help reduce deforestation, ensure good working conditions, preserve different animal, and plant species and protect the rights of indigenous peoples.

As a company, choosing to work with and buy FSC-certified products is more than just a sustainability decision, it is an investment in the company's reputation and future. More customers are asking for sustainable alternatives, and choosing FSC-certified products shows the company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

How do we at Boxon work with FSC certification?

We are continuously working with updating our range to more sustainable alternatives. We offer products within FSC Mix as well as FSC Recycled labeling*. The label shows whether a product comes from FSC-certified forestry and whether it is made from a mixture of several raw materials or from recycled material. We are happy that 62% of all our sales come from products that are FSC certified. Our goal is to reach 75% in 2024.

Currently, 80% of our Boxon offices around the world are FSC certified. We are working towards all offices becoming so soon.

A large part (currently 69%) of our retailers of fiber-based products are also FSC certified.

*Boxon License code FSC-C176813

FSC certified packaging


In summary, choosing FSC-certified products is a win-win situation for companies, customers, and the environment. By investing in sustainable alternatives, companies can both strengthen their brand and make a positive difference to the planet.


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