Corporate Social Responsibility

Boxon promotes sustainable development that takes long-term environmental aspects into consideration and balances social and economic requirements.

The responsibility for ensuring compliance with this CSR rests with the Group CEO of Boxon, whereas the responsibility for adhering to and following up this policy in each subsidiary rests with the managing director that subsidiary.

Boxon develops and upholds profitable, sustainable and ethical business activities. The company has a long history of responsible business practice which it is duty-bound to maintain.

We interact respectfully with the environments in which we operate, our employees, our business partners and the wider community. Our business concept and our strategies support good environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Boxon's business activities adhere to the following principles;

  • We work in accordance with all applicable laws in the countries in which we operate. 
  • It is our ambition to operate all parts of our business in an ethically sound and legally correct manner. 
  • It is our ambition to operate our business in close dialogue with our employees, our business partners and other stakeholders who may affect or be affected by our business. 
  • Our employees are expected to follow Boxon’s principles and feel responsibility for their own conduct and for Boxon’s products and services. 

Download our Sustainability report.

Quality & Environment

We are responsive to the wishes of customers and suppliers and strive to meet the market’s environmental requirements.

Social Responsibility

Our business is firmly based on sound ethics and great respect for every single person we encounter inside and outside the company.


At Boxon, we are extremely focused on environmental work. A work that spans the entire product life cycle - from supplier to end user.