Corporate Social Responsibility

With production sites around the world, we are aware of the special responsibilities we must meet as an internationally active company in the FIBC-sector. It is all the more important to us to proactively promote and communicate social and ecological changes in the context of our corporate responsibility. 

For that reason, we are committed to a series of principles and standards to promote public awareness of sustainable transformation in the sense of the sustainable development goals as formulated by the United Nations. We set out the basis for our ethical principles and aims with our participation in the Global Compact of the United Nations, our EFIBCA-membership and the Boxon Group CSR statement. 

We ensure achievement of these aims through various projects, including for climate protection, sustainable production and continuous control of strict standards that we set for our production sites.  

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Quality & Environment

Boxon aims to reduce its ecological footprint, to ensure sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources.


Boxon follows strong ethical principles in relation with employees, business partners, stakeholders and the environment.


Boxon is considered to be a trustworthy, innovative company. Find out more about our memberships, awards and certificates.