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We care about your products and the environment

Thanks to high competence and long experience, sustainable and innovative solutions in packaging is something that we can promise our customers. 

We offer everything from simple standard boxes to automated packaging machines. With the help of internal designers and designers, we can develop special solutions for packaging and design labels based on your wishes.

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Our offer

Our offer within packaging

Packaging Solutions

Increased profitability and optimized security with the right design, material and function.

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Our offer within labelling

Labelling & Traceability

Efficiency, better control and logistical benefits with intelligent labels and traceability.

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Our offer within automation

Machines & Equipment

Cost improvements and increased value with integrated automation solutions.

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Our offer within services

Related Services

We cover all areas related to a packaging- and labelling solution.

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Boxon tech - packaging within car industri

Boxon Tech - an innovative partner

Boxon Tech, which is part of the Boxon Group, focuses primarily on the automotive industry and offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

By conducting a thorough analysis of the flow chain, combined with creative use of injection-moulding technology, we can work with customers to produce custom made trays that are used as single-use or returnable packaging. By specifically adapting the trays for various vehicle components, we can increase the fill ratio of each packed pallet, thereby reducing transport, handling and packaging costs.


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Focus on innovation

Regardless of what we develop or work on, the goal is the same - It should be easy to be a customer at Boxon!

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Summer is here

We want to thank all our customers for good cooperation in the spring and wish you a wonderful summer!

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Helsingborg Declaration

Boxon has signed the "Helsingborg Declaration", the logistics sector’s equivalent to the Paris Agreement.

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A sustainable filler material

We have developed Eco-fill - paper strips made of waste in 100% corrugated cardboard.

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