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Label Production

In-house label production

Our own FSC-certified production facility creates the basis for intelligent labels. We highlight brands every day here, printing all kinds of labels.

Labels offer you unlimited opportunities to display your brand throughout the whole packaging chain. Make smart, creative use of them to increase your exposure thousandfold.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll tell you more!


Environment-friendly materials

Looking for help finding a label material that both protects the environment and enhances your product?
We work every day to find new, environment-friendly alternatives. Together with our customers, we have started our journey by gradually replacing existing materials with environment-friendlier ones.

In addition to replacing materials, we also need to review delivery options and optimise the number of orders. Are you interested in hearing more about how we can help you choose the right label material and how we can work together to optimise your orders? Contact us!


Control over label production 

The print shop is another component in our label offering. Many customers recognise the benefits of giving us control over the whole label production process and also entrust us with printing. Our simple, meticulous procedures guarantee quality and delivery times. Information about what is to be printed, print runs and delivery time is transmitted via data or text file to our database. Printed labels are sorted, packed, marked and delivered to production sites and warehouses exactly as you wish.


Label printer 

In our range, you will find label printers for most needs and environments. We supply everything from individual printers to complete systems with, for example, advanced reporting to business systems. 

Boxon distributes many well-known brands with user-friendly and reliable products and systems. We have extensive knowledge and experience

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