Label Production

In our printing workshop we create the basis for intelligent labels. Labels offer you unlimited opportunities to display your brand throughout the whole packaging chain. Make smart, creative use of them to increase your exposure thousandfold.


Boxon Production AB is one of the few FSC-certified label manufacturers in the Nordic region. This certificate guarantees that our labels and production operations comply with FSC standards. Labels with the FSC marking mean that the product comes from a forest that is responsibly managed.


Watch the movie from our FSC certified production.

We highlight brands every day in label production. This is where we print all kinds of labels, everything from washing advice and simple, neutral labels to brand-enhancing labels and advanced, four-colour creations. We lead the way in terms of technology and can naturally offer both traditional and digital printing, in long and short runs. All labels are delivered on rolls or folded so that they can be easily loaded into your printer.

Whatever the product the label is destined for or whichever environment it will be in, we can find a solution. We possess tremendous material expertise, with flexible manufacturing possibilities.

Highly processed labels, cardboard and hanging labels, or labels with variable data – the opportunities are vast and production efficient.

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Label management

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Global Label System

The Global Label System gives our customers total control over their labels and marking, wherever they are in the world.

Profiled labels

The label is becoming increasingly important to profile your brand, and it must be possible to launch flexible and new ideas quickly.

Design & Prepress

With a focus on design and profile, our Design and Prepress team produces the labels that best reflect your brand.

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