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With our intelligent, innovative packaging concept, our customers can deliver profitable customer value. The world at large is changing rapidly, and the winners are those who can adapt quickly and meet new needs early.

Our offer is based on three individual components: Packaging Solutions, Labelling & Traceability and Automation & Integration. These components can be used separately or combined into one total concept that you can grow with seamlessly over time. We also have related Services that cover all areas related to a packaging and / or labeling solution.

With complete product solutions, customer-specific order platforms, global deliveries and local production, we help you to streamline the packaging flow. The result is increased productivity and, ultimately, increased profitability.

We develop together with you.

From single products to total solutions

Packaging Solutions

Increased profitability and optimized security with the right design, material and function.

Labelling & Traceability

Efficiency, better control and logistical benefits with intelligent labels and traceability.

Automation & Integration

Cost improvements and increased value with integrated automation solutions.

Boxon Tech

We offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions to the automotive industry.

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Please contact us if you have a request or wants to know more about our offer. We make sure the right person gets back to you. 


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