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Labelling & Traceability

A label, or a tag, is of course about your brand and profiling. But with intelligent information and traceability, you also have more effective and better control, which gives you more logistical benefits.

Labelling and product marking are two proactive elements that can be coordinated for application on products, product packaging and transport packaging. Our labelling solutions range from small labels with laundry guidelines to global standard labels in the field of transport and logistical solutions, QR codes, RFID codes and everything in between.

Traceable products

Your products are traceable from the time when they are ordered and manufactured, all the way via distributors to the end customer. During this time you can adjust the product information however much you wish before printing starts.

The result is a quick, flexible and sustainable one-stop solution that creates a positive perception of your brand.

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Design labels

The label is becoming increasingly important to profile your brand, and it must be possible to launch flexible and new ideas quickly.

Label production

In our label production we create the basis for intelligent labels. We highlight brands every day.


Our programs are integrated with the master system to enable printing of labels on one or more printers.


Detailed control, logistics, ID requirements and knowledge of the content are all driving the development of traceability.

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