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Trading companies are currently undergoing the biggest change of their time. Digitalisation and rapid technical developments are bringing totally new opportunities for consumers and companies to compare prices and to find new products and markets. For the consumer, it's hard to find any drawbacks to this trend.

There are also tremendous benefits for you as a trading company, but you have to understand the consumer’s needs, to combine sales channels with an online presence, in physical stores and at the same time offer personally adapted shopping experiences. This is why we want to help you find the smartest solutions, so that you can quickly adapt your business and deal with the changes taking place in the world around you. 


Nordic Nest

We help Nordic Nest to reduce the use of plastic. Read about our collaboration.

Ardagh Group

The glassworks needed invisible traceability marking for each glass product.


Klackabacken got a well-designed and distinctive logo and label to make the beer stand out.

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