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Rationalised packing and internal logistics flows result in cost savings and increased competitiveness. By integrating automated packaging and labelling solutions into your business, we also create value for your customers. 

In our automation projects, we analyse the customer’s current products, inbound and outbound flows, work processes, brand requirements and general needs. In the next step, we look at opportunities for improvement in productivity, efficiency and profitability. We can usually present solutions with a short pay-off time. 

Our offer within automation

Integrated packaging and labelling solutions 

Boxon has extensive experience of developing machines to package, protect, seal and label both products and packaging solutions. Based on our customers’ needs, we have developed our offering to include customised solutions on three levels. 

Level 1 – Stand-alone solutions 

This is often the first step towards introducing more automated solutions in the longer term. We help you to choose the right machine based on your needs. Many of the machines can also be purchased directly from our webshop. 

Level 2 – Semi-automated solutions 

Our specialists analyse your packaging flow and develop the most efficient solution. It could be a machine that performs a specific process, or a conveyor belt for products. It all depends on your needs and conditions. 

Level 3 – Fully-automated solutions 

This level is often suitable for companies that have a bigger, more advanced packaging flow. We perform a comprehensive analysis of which automated solutions can meet your needs. This may be, for example, a complete packaging line with integrated machines that are linked to your business system. We work here with partners who have a high level of knowledge of system integration and managing large amounts of data. 

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