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At Boxon, we know that every company is unique.

We have extensive experience of working together with our customers to find unique, customised solutions. Streamlining the packing and logistics flow often leads to both cost savings and increased competitiveness. We are also experts in reducing packaging waste and increasing the packaging fill rate by up to 96%, which leads to lower costs for you, less environmental impact, and a happier planet.

Read more below about how our machines and automation solutions to package, protect, seal, and label products and packaging can help you.


Packaging machines

Packing is a critical flow in many businesses, in which flexibility and optimisation are key to increased efficiency. By producing packaging material on site, integrated into the packaging process and as required, the opportunities are increased.

There are a number of different solutions in the areas of both corrugated cardboard and plastic for efficient packing on site for companies with diverse packaging needs. Our range includes all the machines that make the packaging chain more efficient.


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The need for automation can vary greatly depending on your sector and the size of your company. We offer our customers within all sectors everything from total solutions to individual machines.

Our customers typically work in industry, logistics, commerce/e-commerce, and the automotive sector. 


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Automation Solutions

Based on our customers’ needs, we have developed our offering to include customised solutions on three levels.

Level 1 – Stand-alone solutions

We help you to choose the right machine. This is often the first step towards introducing more automated solutions in the long term.

Level 2 – Semi-automated solutions

Our specialists analyse your packaging flow and develop the most efficient solution. It could be a machine that performs a specific process, or a conveyor belt for products. It all depends on your needs and conditions.

Level 3 – Fully-automated solutions

Often suitable for companies that have a bigger, more advanced packaging flow. We perform a comprehensive analysis of which automated solutions can meet your needs. We work here with partners who have a high level of knowledge of system integration and managing large amounts of data.


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