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Label System - Tracy


TRACY - "tag only once"

Tracy is a web-based system for printing and managing labels, suitable for both small and large companies seeking complete control over their labeling.

quote_37x26.png  Operating globally, Tracy provides our customers with full control, regardless of where they or their producers are located.

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This is Tracy

  • Tracy is a system and software program for labeling and tagging that takes your orders to suppliers and transforms them into designed labels or tags.

  • With Tracy, you ensure that every label contains accurate information, barcodes are highly readable, and printed labels are consistent regardless of their geographical origin.

  • Tracy handles label management and its challenges for you, guaranteeing that the right label reaches the right recipient on time.

  • Tracy's platform also allows for direct printing of labels at your producers when lead times are short, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency in your operations.

Enhanced traceability and brand protection

If you want to build a strong brand presence, manage production from multiple locations, or quickly adapt to changes in your supply chain, Tracy is the solution for you. With Tracy, you can easily send orders to your suppliers and ensure that your products arrive labeled and ready for sale. The Tracy team in Sweden assists with software installation and communication, helping you design custom labels to meet your needs.


Challenges Tracy can solve

Brand Protection
Labeling can become complicated when working with multiple suppliers and countries. Centralized labeling is costly and inefficient, while supplier-based labeling can lead to inconsistent brand appearance.

Guaranteed Barcode Quality
Unreadable barcodes in the supply chain can cause problems, especially when working with multiple suppliers in different geographic areas.

The Importance of Product Information
Uniform product information is required throughout the supply chain, which can lead to additional costs for late changes. Managing this information from ERP or MRP systems to labels can be technically and financially challenging.

As your company grows, the labeling process must support expansion without becoming a bottleneck. Adding new suppliers or geographic areas may require adjustments to the labeling system, which can be costly.

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How Tracy works - step by step

What users see and what happens in the background are two entirely different things.

  • Step 1 - Send your order to your supplier with a copy to Tracy.
  • Step 2 - Your supplier receives the correct label or tag with the right information.

  • Step 3 - The products are delivered tagged and ready.

Benefits of Tracy

  • You tag your products only once.
  • Scalability for increased demand.
  • Significantly reduced lead times.
  • Complete traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Guarantees correct information on labels or tags.
  • Strengthens and protects the brand.
  • Quick and easy updating of all data before printing.
  • Use of recycled materials and FSC-certified labels and tags.
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Among our customers using Tracy today are Habo, Kappahl, and Din Sko.


quote_37x26.png  Easy, timesaving and over all a great, versatile product.  

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