We want to offer our customers full transparency. For this reason, we provide you with certificates that confirm compliance with certain regulations. In addition, we undergo regular assessments in different areas, which are then certified by independent third organizations. In this context, for example, we renew our ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications on an annual basis as part of our quality management.  

When it comes to our CSR performance, we conduct an annual assessment with Ecovadis. Ecovadis is a platform for reliable CSR assessments that takes into account the sector, size and geographic location of each company. It offers business partners a transparent exchange in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.  

Of course, we also provide our customers with product-related certificates: This includes, for example, the approval of packaging for food or dangerous goods as well as our confirmation of compliance with REACH / ROHS regulations.   

Sustainability certificate
ISO Certification

Quality standards  

We know and understand our customers' particular quality requirements and set ourselves the highest standards for quality assurance. We ensure adherence to these standards both for quality and the environment via certified management systems.   




Every year Boxon has Ecovadis assess its CSR performance (Corporate Social Responsibility). Ecovadis offers suppliers and buyers a platform for the efficient exchange of CSR data. The objective of the Ecovadis methodology is to measure the quality of a company’s sustainability management system through its policies, actions and results.  


Ecovadis certification
FSC certified

FSC certified production

With its new FSC approval, Boxon becomes one of the first label manufacturers in the Nordic region with the certification on its products. 

By purchasing FSC-certified paper and corrugated cardboard products, you a choosing considerate management of forest resources.


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