Possibilities within labelling

We offer a great deal of possibilities within labelling when it comes to label types, printing techniques, material, effects and trademark protection.

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NEW! Eco Label

In our production in Boras, we can now offer labels on fossil free PP. The label material has the same characteristics as before, but is made in a more sustainable way. Developing more sustainable packaging solutions is one a significant part of Boxon's strategy and therefore it is incredibly fun and important that our label customers now get to be a part of this.

Unlike previous synthetic material, this is prepared from a residual product (tall oil) from paper production. The process is called Mass Balance Approach and ISCC certified.


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Label types

There are lots of different types of labels. Read more here.

Material and effects

Printing techniques

Trade Protection

Piracy is a growing problem. We have different options for making labels difficult to copy.

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