Different label types

Index tags

Index tags are made of cardboard and used to seal plastic packaging, either with or without extended index tags on the side. Index tags can be heat-sealed, thus allowing for a more practical packaging process. In Sweden, Boxon is a leader in indexing tags.

Hang tags

Manufactured in cardboard either on sheets or in reels. We have printer solutions that can handle variable information.

Blister packs

Paperboard with pre-formed plastic pockets. Very durable packaging that displays the entire product. Printed on both sides with full support of variable data. Boxon is a comprehensive supplier of blister packs.

Fabric labels (eg washing thread)

Fabric labels that can be pre-printed or delivered on a reel together with the desired foil. We have materials and pressures that can withstand up to 90°C/194°F.

Label types

Printing techniques

Material and effects

Endless possibilities

We offer a wide range of different labels, techniques, materials and effects.
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Trade Protection

Piracy is a growing problem. We have different options for making labels difficult to copy.

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