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Profiled labels

In a world where customer requirements are changing increasingly quickly and stricter demands are being made of the purchasing experience, it is also becoming increasingly important to profile your brand. Customers demand designed labels with a unique message, logo or graphical profile. It must be possible to launch flexible, new ideas quickly and to personalise them.

Never before has it been so clear that the label is a significant and important element of marketing. The opportunities to print small batches and have variable information are giving rise to creative solutions that bring tremendous competitive advantages.

Digital printing technology

Digital printing technology is driving graphical developments forwards, and more and more customers, brand owners and manufacturers are now discovering the benefits and opportunities that digital printing technology can bring.

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More about profiled labels


When we meet the customer, we gain valuable information about the needs and challenges that exist.


Digital printing technology makes it possible to be creative, innovative and stand out with your label.

Customer benefits

Creative solutions contribute to profiling the brand and enhancing the exposure of the product.

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Label management

Automated orderbased Label management saves time, cuts costs and improves security.

Design & Prepress

With a focus on design and profile, our Design and Prepress team produces the labels that best reflect your brand.

Label production

In our label production we create the basis for intelligent labels. We highlight brands every day.

Traceable labels


Detailed control, logistics, ID requirements and knowledge of the content are all driving the development of traceability.


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