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Packaging concept for e-commerce 

We can help you and your company with most aspects of e-commerce. We offer everything from simple e-commerce bags and e-commerce boxes, packing tape, and shock-absorbing materials, to more complex packaging concepts and product solutions with customised designs, profiling and construction.

The solutions are optimised for e-commerce. All to secure your transports against damage, reduce your carbon footprint, and make it easy for the customer to order online. 

Make your products traceable 

Currently, a transparent value chain and traceable products with the right information to certify sustainability, content, and delivery dates are required. Automated label management provides total control of your labels, regardless of where in the world your labelling takes place. The benefits of our cloud-based order platform include that you save time, reduce costs, and improve safety.


If you want to order online please visit our Local webshops:

› Swedish webshop

› Danish webshop

› Norwegian webshop

› German webshop


Take your e-commerce to the next level

As your e-commerce expands and your brand grows, we grow with you to meet your growing needs.

For a new startup, the needs consist primarily of having a standard range available and keeping down costs. But as you grow, you need to strengthen your brand, give the customer an experience as soon as they open the packaging and nurture the relationship. When the business is up and running, internal processes become increasingly crucial, and the design of efficient packaging stations and flows become necessary.

Whatever the size of your company, together we will find products, solutions, and services that will increase your profitability, both in the short term and long term.

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Level Small

You have a small e-commerce operation, maybe a new startup, with a need that consists of marking and easily accessible.

Icon ecommerce medium

Level Medium

It starts to take off and you want to build your brand to make it stronger with printing on your packaging solutions and unique labels.

Icon ecommerce large

Level Large

Your e-commerce solution has expanded and requires more efficient packaging, with a range of packaging and labelling machines.

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Level X-Large

The business requires a stable partner for packaging and labelling solutions, to secure your needs and that business runs smoothly.

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