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Packaging concept for e-commerce 

We offer packaging concepts and complete product solutions with adapted design and construction for sectors including e-commerce. The common denominator is that they safeguard your transport operations against damage, reduce your climate footprint and are optimised for online orders. 

Demand for personally adapted deliveries is increasing and the circular economy is converting consumers into users. Supply Chain Management, where the producer was sitting in the driver’s seat, must be converted into Demand Chain Management, where the consumer is in control. 

Make your products traceable 

Consumers will soon be demanding a transparent value chain and traceable products with correct information to certify sustainability, content and when the delivery reaches its destination. With automated, global label handling, your business has total control over your labels, wherever in the world your marking takes place. The benefits of our cloud-based order platform include that you save time, reduce costs and improve safety. 

Which level suits you?

As your e-commerce operation expands and your brand becomes stronger, we grow together with you and meet your increasing needs.

Needs differ in due course as a business expands and the demands on it increase. For a new startup, the needs consist primarily of having a standard range available and keeping down costs. But as you grow, you need to strengthen your brand, give the customer an experience as soon as they open the packaging and nurture the relationship. When the business is up and running, internal processes become increasingly crucial, as does the design of efficient packaging stations and flows. As a complement to this there are various services such as warehousing, just-in-time deliveries and login to the customer portal for all your orders and transactions.

Together we find products, solutions and services that enable you to improve your profitability in both the short term and the long term. Whichever level you are at, we make sure we offer you the right products, the right design and the right services.

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E-commerce - we develop together

Icon ecommerce small

Level Small

You have a small e-commerce operation, maybe a new startup, with a need that consists of marking and easily accessible.

Icon ecommerce medium

Level Medium

It starts to take off and you want to build your brand to make it stronger with printing on your packaging solutions and unique labels.

Icon ecommerce large

Level Large

Your e-commerce solution has expanded and requires more efficient packaging, with a range of packaging and labelling machines.

Icon for e-commerce xl

Level X-Large

The business requires a stable partner for packaging and labelling solutions, to secure your needs and that business runs smoothly.

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Segment retail


Today's sophisticated customers are asking for sustainable products and transparent solutions. 

Global label system

Global Label System

The Global Label System gives our customers total control over their labels and marking, wherever they are in the world.

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CSR focus

Our business concept and our strategies support good environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

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