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Your e-commerce solution has really taken off and requires more efficient packaging, with a range of packaging and labelling machines to facilitate and increase your packaging capacity.

Your packaging solutions are adapted and designed in accordance with your brand policy. You also have access to one of the best selections in the market, to complement your own unique packaging solutions.

Now is the time to look at your internal processes. Are the packaging stations designed correctly? Packaging and labelling machines increase efficiency. An adapted, flexible environment is crucial for the well-being of employees. Packaging capacity is a good yardstick of how well designed a workplace is and whether the packaging solutions are functional and flexible. To facilitate the flow, Boxon offers packaging training and packaging instructions. A clear, unambiguous set of instructions makes the packaging process quick, simple and efficient. The purpose is of course that it will run smoothly, but also that damage to goods during distribution and transport will be minimised.

Warehousing always attracts many kinds of costs, or there is simply not the space available. We can keep your packaging solutions in stock, so not only are your costs reduced, you also improve your cash flow and receive deliveries as you need them.

My Pages is a customer portal where you can easily view your orders and transactions with Boxon. If you are using the Warehousing service, you can view stock balance, orders received, etc. You can also log in and create order lists.

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You have a small e-commerce operation, maybe a new startup, with a need that consists of marking and easily accessible.

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It starts to take off and you want to build your brand to make it stronger with printing on your packaging solutions and unique labels.

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Your e-commerce solution has expanded and requires more efficient packaging, with a range of packaging and labelling machines.

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The business requires a stable partner for packaging and labelling solutions, to secure your needs and that business runs smoothly.

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