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Highlights from 2022


Another exciting year is soon coming to an end and to sum it up, here are some highlights from the year 2022.

Happy reading and see you in 2023.




  • In February, we started to exchange our company cars into electric cars. This means we are taking further steps towards reducing our Co2 emissions by 30% by 2025.

  • In April, our new Sustainability Manager Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson started.

  • During April, our website was certified as CO2 neutral. This means that the CO2 emissions from the website are compensated through investments in renewable resources.

  • November - Now you can see environmental information at article level in our web shop. This means that you can read out the CO2 footprint, FSC certification and % recycled material per product.


  • In March, our e-commerce box LM box won a ScanStar for best new idea/application in the Transport/Distribution packaging category.

  • In May, we launched this year's innovation: Ecofill. Our Account Manager Björn Jarenbäck invented the product and took it all the way. Read more.

  • In September, Boxon Oy won a ScanStar for the innovative BoxCor® box.

  • In December, we had the opportunity to create a unique Christmas calendar for our customer Netthandelsgruppen AS. This quickly became a success and several customers have already shown their interested in ordering something similar for next Christmas. Read more.

The company and customer satisfaction

  • Trustpilot Score - We continue to use the platform Trustpilot to connect with our customer and to find out what customers think about us. This in order to improve ourselves and get even better.

  • Boxon 90 years - Boxon turned 90 years old and this has been celebrated in various ways throughout the year.

  • September - Boxon Gmbh won the award for Top 5 most attractive workplace in Germany.

  • During the year - We have released 5 new movies during this year. Our favourite girl Olga made a comeback already at the beginning of the year and since then we have released another 4 movies. Check them out on our website.

Social Responsibility

  • In March Russia invaded Ukraine and we wanted to do something to help. Boxon's employees collected 10 000 euros which was donated to Ukraine.

  • Autumn 2022 - Once again we are proud to call ourselves Gold Sponsors for Team Rynkeby. We want to support their important work in the fight against childhood cancer and other serious diseases among children.

  • Christmas 2022 – Instead of Christmas gifts for our employees we are donating 5000 euros to UNICEF, to support their important work against child poverty in the world.

We at Boxon want to thank you for the past year and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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