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Boxon invests in solar cells with Öresundskraft as its partner


Solar cells to Boxon

Boxon is proud to announce that we have begun the installation of solar cells at our central warehouse in Helsingborg. The 2,400 square metre installation of solar cells is another step towards achieving our sustainability goals by 2030.

"Electricity generation from solar cells requires no fuel and produces no emissions, so for us it is an obvious choice to install solar cells in the offices and warehouses wherever we have the opportunity. This is an important part of achieving our climate goals, and we’re starting with 2,400 square metres of solar cells at our warehouse in Helsingborg," says Boxon’s Head of Sustainability, Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson.

Solar panels on the roof of Boxon

About the collaboration

The collaboration with Öresundskraft for the installation began in 2022 and is expected to be in operation by March 2023. The solar cells that are installed are manufactured in Europe, and are estimated to be able to produce around 450,000 kWh per year, which reduces the company’s CO2 by 8–12%.

We are working towards the long-term goal of reducing our environmental impact and becoming more sustainable, which this facility will contribute towards.

Öresundskraft is a total supplier of the installation, and will also be responsible for its operation and maintenance. Boxon previously partnered with Öresundskraft to install charging posts, and these will now be connected to the solar cell system.

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