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Innovation is always high on the agenda at Boxon:

  • We encourage all employees to come up with suggestions for innovative improvements
  • Our Construction & Design department develops new creative solutions on a daily basis
  • During the spring we have launched more than 40 products
  • Our LM box won a Scan Star for best new idea/application
  • Our web shop has received a new look and new functions.

Regardless of what we develop or work on, the goal is the same - It should be easy to be a Boxon customer! If you have an idea or suggestion for innovation, please contact us.

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Construction & Design

We are proud to have 13 packaging engineers who are constantly working to develop new solutions with the best interests of the customer and the environment in focus. The advantages for you as a customer are many:

  • Custom designed or adapted solution to meet your specific wishes and needs.
  • The solution is developed by specialists and packaging technicians with extensive experience.
  • You get complete control over the packaging drawings, industry regulations, labels and printing materials.
  • Samples are provided to ensure design and construction.
  • When necessary, we use 3D printers to ensure the functionality of the solution.
  • Optimal solutions reduce costs and saves the environment.


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Boxon's innovator of the month!

At Boxon, we invest in innovation and encourage our employees to come up with suggestions for innovation and improvements. We particularly like sustainable ideas and proposals!

Björn Jarenbäck, Account Manager at Indoor Sales invented Eco-fill, which is clearly a more durable article than the old "frigolite chips".

"For Sustainability reasons, we have chosen to remove "styrofoam chips" from the product range. We needed a new product to replace the previous filling material. Something that was made of sustainable material and could be reused. And that’s how the idea for Eco-fill by Boxon was born", says Björn.


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