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Tape with a lower environmental impact. 

From January 1, 2023, Boxon takes an important sustainable position and completely stops buying PVC packaging tape. Instead, we will offer our customers other alternatives with a lower environmental impact.

For you as a customer, there are many advantages to, for example, using tape in Polypropylene (PP) instead of PVC:

  • It has less impact on our environment
  •  PP is cheaper than PVC - you can save up to 50% in costs
  • The availability is better of PP than PVC
  • You help with the recycling process because PVC, unlike PP, can only be recycled with PVC
  • It strengthens your brand to use products that are kinder to the environment

We can offer our customer alternatives to PVC tape. Below we have listed some options in category: great, better or best!


Great options

Fiberglass tape

  • No emission of chlorides
  • A good choice for heavier goods
  • Ideal for demanding packaging

Packaging tape in PP

  • No emission of chlorides
  • A priceworthy product
  • Can be printed with your own Logo

Better option

Paper packaging tape

  • Made of paper and adhesive
  • Can be recycled together with the box
  • Can be printed with your own logo

Whether you choose brown paper tape or no colour, our tapes have strong adhesion, hold well, are tearable and easy to apply.


Best option

Sealing strip

  • Made from renewable resources
  • Can be recycled together with the box
  • Is very strong and secure when you close the box.
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