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Level Small

You have a small e-commerce operation, maybe a new startup, with a packaging need that consists of easily accessible standard products for quick, efficient packaging.

Packaging and logistical costs are parameters of major significance for a smaller and/or newly established business. Packaging solutions with all-in-one solutions, e.g. integrated impact absorption and a return function, are excellent alternatives.

Boxon has one of the market’s biggest selections of packaging solutions and labels, and in recent years we have extended our product range in the area of packaging for shipments.

Most are just a click away, with delivery within 1-2 days. No unnecessary warehousing costs, and you simply buy exactly what you want.

Level Small

You have a small e-commerce operation, maybe a new startup, with a need that consists of marking and easily accessible.

Level Medium

It starts to take off and you want to build your brand to make it stronger with printing on your packaging solutions and unique labels.

Level Large

Your e-commerce solution has expanded and requires more efficient packaging, with a range of packaging and labelling machines.

Level X-Large

The business requires a stable partner for packaging and labelling solutions, to secure your needs and that business runs smoothly.

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