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Material types and effects

Cold foil

An exclusive effect created by covering parts of the label in foil. Can be printed with silver or gold foil.

Holographic paper

A highly refined paper that separates all the colours of the rainbow and gives a unique look to the product at every angle and lighting condition.

Heavily textured paper for wine bottle labels

The thick, heavily textured paper labels are called wine bottle labels. Suitable for many types of products. The rugged surface gives an exclusive feel.

Laminated surface

Provides a highly scratch-resistant surface and a nice effect. Available in gloss, matt and soft touch.

Varnished surface

Provides extra protection and a good effect. Varnish the entire label or parts of it to highlight different elements. Choose from a variety of matt and gloss options. Available as both printable and silicone based.

Special material with durable qualities

If your product is being handled, packed or used in harsh environments, it is important to use labels that are durable. Boxon offers applications that meet most requirements. Examples:

  • Labels for chemicals

Labels for chemicals usually carry the requirement of having to be legible during the entire lifespan of the product. Thus, the paper quality must withstand UV light, physical abrasion, water and salt water, and the text print must withstand liquid spills and temperature extremes.

  • Tyre labels

Tyre labels require an extremely resistant adhesive. Thanks to our unique expertise, we are one of the few Swedish manufacturers to offer tyre labels.

  • Freezer grade adhesive labels

that are applied to frozen products require a special composite adhesive.

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Printing technology

Printing technology
Profiled labels

Label types

There are lots of different types of labels. Read more here.

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Endless possibilities

We offer a wide range of different labels, techniques, materials and effects.
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