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How does the packaging affect your brand?

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

Many factors come into play when a customer chooses a brand and products.

The packaging is very important as it is often the product's packaging the customer notice first. It is therefore important that the design of the packaging gives a positive impression and reflects the brand's identity and values.

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The effect of a well-thought-out packaging

Packaging that is well made and well thought out helps the customer to have a positive perception of the brand. Through color, shape and other visual elements, you can make the packaging attractive to both current and new customers. Well-thought-out packaging also leads to increased credibility and makes the customer trust your company and the product you sell.

Stylish and unique packaging helps your brand to stand out from your competitors, is easy to find on the shelf, and increases the product's value.

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Avoid a negative perception of your brand

Just as a well-designed packaging can give a positive association, a less well-thought-out packaging can give a negative association of your brand. This can lead to a damaged reputation.

Factors that can cause your customer to have a negative perception of your brand:

  • The packaging is not functional
  • The packaging is not practical
  • The packaging does not reflect the brand and is not brand-building
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Ensure brand identity through consistency

To win consumers loyalty and build a connection, you must make them feel safe and recognize your brand. Use the same colors, design, and logo on all your packaging. Reflect your values also in the packaging. It will help you to create a strong bond and recognition for your company and brand identity.


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