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Software integration

In an increasingly fast-moving world, with stricter requirements for safety and fast, flexible changeovers, it’s easy to make a mistake. This places stricter demands on the value chain and the need for efficient, innovative solutions. 

Software integration between your business systems and packaging and labelling machines guarantees reliability.   

Incredible volume of information 

The automated transfer of information between independent systems is prevented and mistakes are minimised. We currently process an incredible volume of information in the value chain, and this information changes continuously. 

Read the case study about Boozt Fashion: When machines and systems have to speak to each other 

When systems communicate with each other, the right information is sure to be conveyed. The right label is given the right recipient, the right article number, the right barcode, the right return address and so on. These information-bearing labels make life easier for your recipients, who can easily scan the label and enter the information in their systems. 

Warehousing of packaging

Customised integration 

Each business has its various systems and needs for information transfer, which is why integration is customised to meet your needs and conditions. In integration, we consider factors including: 

  • user-friendliness 
  • layout 
  • safety requirements 
  • languages and codes 
  • advanced calculations 
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