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In-line Marking

When you face the decision to fully automate your marking and labelling you are also faced with improving the efficiency of all your production – an improvement in efficiency that can make your company competitive even from a global perspective.

In-line is the overall concept of labelling products and packaging during production. There are mainly two methods; Print and Apply, and Dispensing.

Print and Apply: Refers to labels and marking with variable print capability. The printers are connected to the Business System, local PC (PLC) or to pre-programmed printers. 

Dispensing: Refers to application of already preprinted and equal labels for a production series.

Boxon is one of the most complete suppliers in in-line marking. With integrated marking and label machines we can offer you a fully integrated system that marks products, packages, packaging, and transport pallets in the production line. Our customers are located in several different industries and in very diverse companies. Not seldom are several technologies included in one and the same production line.


Where to place the marking?

The placing of the marking or labels is of course decided by you and your operation: maybe directly on the product, on the jar or the lid, for example, the bottle or cap, on top or on the side of the package, on the front or
the back of the box. Or maybe even round a corner. 

In close collaboration with you we will create the most profitable solutions. We can show many successful installations with inkjet marking, thermal transfer print, labelling and laser marking.

In-line applicator for labelling cardboard boxes in a production line

Automatised in-line applicators make the labelling quick and simple. The cardboard box is filled with a suitable number of primary packages. The box is then sealed (secondary packages) and provided with a label, as shown in the picture, with information about the content.

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