Marking with UV ink

Limmared Glassworks was founded in 1740 and is now part of the Irish Ardagh Group. The group is a world leader in glass and metal packaging solutions for some of the world’s largest consumer packages. The glassworks is best-known for its Absolut Vodka bottles.


Customer need

The glassworks needed invisible traceability marking for each glass product.

Limmared Glassworks contacted Boxon on a tip from its Danish sister company Holmegaard. The Danish company was very satisfied with its marking and warmly recommended marking equipment from Videojet.

Boxon’s solution

Boxon’s capability to mark with UV ink made it the best option and an easy choice. Traceability involves marking each product with a date showing when the product was produced and in which line it was manufactured.

There are currently two production lines, each with two inkjet printers. The machines operate 24/7, marking about 200 million glass bottles and jars over the first year they have been operation.

quote_37x26.png  They’ve been running smoothly and the only maintenance needed is refilling the ink and some light cleaning that can be done by the operator, Gösta Wilsson of the Ardagh Group remarks.