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Boxon Tech, which is part of the Boxon Group, focuses primarily on the automotive industry and offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

By conducting a thorough analysis of the flow chain, combined with creative use of injection-moulding technology, we can work with customers to produce custom made trays that are used as single-use or returnable packaging. By specifically adapting the trays for various vehicle components, we can increase the fill ratio of each packed pallet, thereby reducing transport, handling and packaging costs. 

Injection-moulded packaging contributes to a more environmentally friendly flow

There’s no doubt that everyone - companies, organisations, consumers and individuals alike - needs to contribute to a more environmentally friendly approach. There are many ways of doing things and, by challenging traditional alternatives, new opportunities are opened up.

It is becoming increasingly important that companies’ partners are innovative and push development towards alternatives that, from an environmental perspective, are better. The environment is a complex system, and we all need to take responsibility within our own niche.

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Please contact us for more information:

Tobias Rasmusson
General Manager

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Christian Dahlstedt
Key Account Manager

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Suzana Lena
Customer Support

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Our work process

We analyse the flow, volumes and logistics requirements.

Innovative packaging solution

Frame trays are primarily used in inflows to engine or car factories.

Single-use system

The Frame Tray system is based on a closed material loop.

Efficiency opportunities

We can demonstrate significant savings within the logistics flow.

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Please contact us if you have a request or wants to know more about our offer. We make sure the right person gets back to you. 


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