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Statement on the war in Ukraine


The world is currently looking with great concern at Russias war of aggression on Ukraine. The humanitarian crisis that this war is causing for the people in Eastern Europe is deeply worrying! The whole world stands united with the Ukrainians to insist on their right of peace and freedom.

More than a million Ukrainians have already fled their homeland.

We at Boxon wanted to do something to support these people in one of the darkest hours of our times. We therefore challenged our employees to make a donation. Regardless of the donated amount, all funds collected were doubled by the Boxon Group.

On Friday the 4th of March, we were able to donate more than
10 000 € to the International Red Cross foundation, which will put these funds directly in Ukraine.

On behalf of the entire Boxon Group we say THANK YOU to all the generous donators!

Our business is not affected

The economic santions imposed by the European Union and other western countries do not restrict our business. We do not purchase any goods or raw material from Ukraine nor Russia. 


Effects on ocean freight shipping

According to the industry magazine business insider the war in Ukraine could lead to trippled ocean freight rates, due to less possible transport routes from Asia to Europe. Since especially our FIBCs / Big Bags are partly produced in India and other far east countries we might need to increase the freight rates on these products. Please contact your Boxon representative to discuss how your products are affected.


Boxons donation for Ukraine

The donations collected by our staff and doubled by the Boxon Group will be funded to the International Red Cross foundation in Ukraine. It is spend on emergency assistance such as food, water and other essential items.

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