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Our packaging range include the simplest box and advanced special machines and everything in between. Our packaging solutions increase the profitability of every businesses, small or large ones.

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Packing Machines

A well thought out packing line helps to streamline operations and ultimately reduce costs. In Boxon's range of packing machines you'll find all the necessary machines that provides a more efficient packaging flow. Your needs guides us to the solutions that meets your requirements best. 

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Our labels rang from small clothing labels with washing instructions to global standard labels within the transport and logistic area, and everything in between. We create the base, sometimes pre-printed labels and sometimes labels with beautiful 4-colour design.

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Boxon is a leading supplier of system based handling of labels and product marking. Intelligent labels is a strong and important link of the packaging chain. 

Our offer includes labels, system integration, inkjet printers product marking, and much more.

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Bulk Handling

Boxon is one of the largest supplier in Europe of large scale bulk management, which is about transporting large and heavy volumes. Big Bags (FIBC)  are one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for this area. Most customers have specific requirements depending on what industry they are in, which means that the solutions often are customized.

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Related Services

Whether you run a large or a small business, whether your business is based on efficient production or simple distribution, whether you have your own packaging stock or you want us to take care of it, ur job is to create profitability through actions that simplify for your company, employees or packaging related processes. 

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