Correct Packing

Pack it right and pack it light!

You might think there’s only one right way to pack, but there are actually many different aspects to consider – cost efficiency, ergonomics, functionality, correct appearance and reduced complaints/claims.

Boxon can provide packaging training that focuses on your specific workplace needs. Training will be completely adapted to the materials and tools you use, packing location design, etc. Practical and concrete examples increase awareness that packing the company’s products in the right way is an important task.


Packing Instructions

Additional to packing training we offer customer unique packing instructions, fully based on the material you use and the product that you pack. A clear packing instuction with illustrative images and explanations makes the packing process much easier and more efficient, and you will also decrease delayes and damages caused by re-packings.



Customer Unique Product Catalogue

Many of our customers let us keep their stock or purchase products from us based on agreements. For them to get a clear view of their contracted products we can provide a customer unique product catalogue with article numbers, photos of the products and article descriptions. Clear contact information to your sales representative at Boxon is also included.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.