Labels, inline marking or label design?

With our experience in the field we'll guide you to the right solution based on your needs.

Label Design

With focus on design and profiling our studio helps your company to produce and design labels that best reflects your brand.

The label design is becoming more and more important. More often, the label is an important part of the product and should therefore have a clear recognition factor. Our design studio provides the necessary support for your labels, whether it is to print your own design or to propose a whole new graphical design. 

We always recommend our customers to discuss the design of the labels with our stuido on an early stage. We have lots of experience and knowledge as well as graphical skills, and we're more than happy to share this with our customers.


From idea to reality

Our studio has a central function between our sales representatives and the customer. It is important with a good basis for the design, which etiher we provide or the customer. In the end, all parts including the important information must be put together and formed in to a label that will work in all necessary situations. 

It is the visual experience for the eye that decides the final result. Therefore it's important to include our expertise early in the project. 

With focus on customer value

The label can be an integrated part in your business system and also traceable in your logistics system. We deliver technical solutions that simplify the logistics information and data capture with products like barcode scanners, handheld computers and terminals for wireless communication.

We produce labels based on the need of the market - whether it is product labels, self-adhesive labels, hang tags, folded labels, pinpacks, cartons labels, shelf labels or pallet labels. 

Please see our range of Labels for more information.