Improved efficiency with Boxon

We'll help you find the right product or material based on your needs. 

Flow Analysis

Advice and analyses. 

Boxon is independent of material manufacturers. We are not forced to provide corrugated cardboard if we see that plastic, wood or some other material would be the optimal solution for a packaging problem. But independence is more than just an issue of materials. Independence also comes from the expertise we possess in relation to products, machines and turnkey solutions and, last but not least, our customers’ businesses. 

Thanks to our carefully balanced blend of employees – specialists and generalists – we can offer both wide-ranging and in-depth expertise that increases our independence.

We schedule quarterly meetings with our slightly larger customers to carefully review volumes, forecasts and changes. The commitment shown by our customers enhances our own commitment, and vice versa. In order to optimize customer value, we have developed a working model based on the product’s total cost. This work includes not only the actual packaging and its price, but aspects such as filling ratio and logistics flows as well.