Construction & Design

Our Construction & Design service is developed for customers who seeks a customer unique solution.

It is becoming more and more common that we construct special and unique packagings. Boxon has great knowledge and experience and a well developed C&D department where our own CAD-designer creates customer unique solutions based on your needs. The process is careful and include several control points where we together work our way up to an optimal and cost effective solution that is unique for your products.


How does it work?

Develop, administrate, test and systematize. Flexibility in the process is important and we can quickly provide a test in the right size and format so that you soon can get a good picture of what the final result will be.

The service include:

  • 3-D drawings and product creation
  • 3-D design options and packaging visuals
  • In-house sample manufacture
  • Independent tests via Innventa
  • Educational packaging instructions

Our development is based on your needs

The development of a packaging solution always starts with the customer. What product will be packed? What requirements are set? What strains will the packaging be exposed to? How does the logistics flow look? Will there be a co-packing, with a brochure and a remote control for example?

Each project is a challenge, which our constructors really appreciate. It is important to think right, smart and funktional. Over the years we have built up a knowledge base and can very quickly see a picture of the solution, what materials should be used and what partners that work best for the specific solutions.