Baghera - Tag on Demand

Wherever in the world your production or your suppliers are, Boxon can guarantee - through the outsourcing concept Baghera - delivery of labels with variable information, distribution of profiling labels, distribution of packaging and logistics labeling.

The core of Baghera is a web platform containing all article and item information updated in real time. Fast and accurate printing with precise layout, variable information and barcode is guaranteed since the printer operates through the web platform. 

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How does it work?

Baghera prints at the right time and place and delivers to your producer just in time. This means that you are able to make late adjustments in the label's information and also to adjust the order number.


Our unique print engine, which through the Internet provides our printshop with information about what will be printed and how, ensures quality and fast deliveries. We are where our customers need us:

Baghera allows the brand ower to drop the label issue by utilizing the automation Baghera offer. The simplification of the flow shortens lead times, ensures the brand and thereby leads to increased profitability.

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