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Document Bank

Box Control is a new, efficient and safe tool available for all our customers.

Keeping track of drawings and instructions can sometimes be more problematic than you might think. They should preferably all be kept in the same place, the latest version should be available and authorized individuals should be able to have rapid and easy access. 

However, the reality is often very different. Unauthorized people have access, images and drawings are kept in different places and no one has any idea which is the latest version.

Box Control allows you to store and send construction drawings within the company and communicate externally as well. It is also possible to file and manage images and packaging instructions. As a subscriber, you decide which employees are given which access rights, i.e. who will be able to see and do what.


Packaging instructions and images

To ensure that your products are packed and load secured in the same way regardsless of how many packing sites your company has, Boxon offers to compile packing instructions with clear illustrations and photos of the process.

The instructions, with explanatory images, can then be inspected and sent both internally and externally in the same way as construction drawings.

Please go to the service Packing Instructions for more information.