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Asbestos & mineral wool

In 2005, the European Union banned the use of asbestos as a material in construction. Until then, more than 4 million tons of asbestos have been used in various forms in Germany since the 1950s. Today, asbestos is typically found in roofing and exterior walls, in screed, in floor coverings, masonry mortar and many other areas in which building materials are used. One of the most problematic asbestos products is sprayed asbestos, as its’ fibers can be released by shocks or the general aging process, especially in older buildings.

Due to its carcinogenic properties, there is always a high health risk when working with asbestos. The handling and dismantling of asbestos is set by national regulations for hazardous substances. The asbestos disposal takes place under strict conditions and is associated with great effort: As carcinogenic asbestos fibers can be released, both personnel and the environment must be protected. For this reason, special security measures must be taken. For example, the wearing of protective suits and respirators is mandatory.

Mineral wool 

Mineral wool is used as thermal insulation material in construction. A distinction is made between glass wool, rock wool and slag wool. Since the fibers can cause irritation in contact with the skin and the dust of older mineral wool is considered potentially carcinogenic, the handling of mineral wool is also regulated on national basis.

Asbestos & mineral wool

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