Postal Packaging

Packaging suitable for sending by mail or courrier. Most postal packaging are specifically formatted for economical postage.

In our postal packaging range we provide boxes, bags, wrappers, tubes etc. for a smooth and cost effective packing of your goods. We also offer custom made solutions based on your needs.


Wrappers are ideal postal packaging when you want to send e.g. books, multimedia products or printed matter. The wrapper surrounds the flat iten and no extra sealing is necessary.

Packing tape is not necessary but to increase the safety of the package you can always seal the wrapper with packing tape.


Boxon has an extensive range of bags specially designed for postal packaging. We supply padded bags, mail order bags, cardboard envelopes, etc.

See our range of packaging bags.

E-commerce boxes

We offer several different types of e-commerce boxes. All boxes can be printed with unique design and information. We also provide self locking boxes.


We provide corrugated cardboard folders that are easy to fold and seal for sending e.g. signs, postersand printing clichés. We also have folders for filing/record keeping.


Tubes are an excellent alternative to boxes when you are mailing posters, drawings, maps or other elongated and narrow items. 

Boxon has square- and triangular-profile tubes, as well as round tubes in various sizes. We also offer print on tubes.

Mailing Film

Mailing film is used for wrapping periodicals, magazines, etc. It comes with or without a white border. Your mailing film can also be delivered with your own unique printing.