Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are ideal for transport and storing. Available in various designs and provides a great protection, stackability and prevents transpararency.

Pallet handling and goods transportation are simplified when you use pallet boxes in the course of the work. At Boxon you find pallet boxes in various material like corrugated cardboards, plastic, plywood and octabins. With the right strapping machine you secure your goods on the pallet - safe and efficient.

Reinforced Corrugated Cardboard

Reinforced corrugated cardboard can preferrably replace wooden pallets with collars, plywood boxes, wooden boxes or other corrugated cardboard boxes. Reinforced corrugated cardboard is also a hassle-free option for exports to countries with different wood restrictions.

The reinforced corrugated cardboard pallet contains three parts, rim and two caps, one of which forms the bottom lid. Compared to traditional pallet collars or boxes of plywood, this material is much more easy to handle and has also a low weight. 

Corrugated Cardboard

We have a variety of recyclable corrugated cardboard pallet boxes that protect your goods, keep contents private and simplify warehousing. You can easily re-use them many times. Available in rim and with fold-sections and tabs.


Pallet boxes made of plastic maximize volume utilization of goods in distribution while minimizing the return shipping and storage of empty packaging. 

Handled effectively both as loos goods and as complete pallet gods in distribution lines.


Pallet boxes of plywwod is a foldable packaging system, produced with sheet material and steel. The pallet box is installed and sealed quickly thanks to a patented locking system. The construction has great davantages in terms of strength, weight and volume.

Tested and approved according to several international standards.

Honey Cump Pallet Box

The most ideal type of transportation box with low weight, which is an advantage for air shipping, combined with high load capacity up to 1000 kg. Easy to install and dismantle. 100 % recyclable.