Design Packaging

Design and branding are becoming inreasingly important, and more people are appreciating the benefits of design packaging or a printed packaging. 

We can provide everything from netrual to 6-colour printing with UV varnish or water varnish. The varnish, which often provides a protective barrier, can often enhance printed text and layout. Most common is matt or glossy UV varnish that are placed partially to enhance for example the product name in the layout.

Also see our service Construction & Design, in which we offer custom made solutions where we easily produce a sample in the right quality and design.

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Printed Boxes

There are several ways of creating a selling packaging. Offset print is the most high quality printing method that creates outstanding representation of colour and contrast. 

Flexo printing is the most common printing on corrugated cardboard, Mostly used on transport packaging and simpler retail packaging. The representation of text and images are good. 

Printed Bags

A simple and effective way of building your company's brand is with printed postal bags. Print your company's logotype or a unique offer on the bag.

We offer printed postal bags with up to 8 colours, with simple/double tape and perforation for return if requested.

Printed Tubes

With a unique and branding printing your tube becomes a visible carrier. Printing in several colours are available and we can also offer custom caps. 

See our range of postal packaging.

Printed Tape and Stripes

A simple and effective way to make your mark on a neutral box is to seal it with your own printed tape or strip. 

There are several benefits with a printed tape - brand building, theft prevention, identification, advertising opportunities, technical information and so on. 

Strap with print

We can provide PP strapping with customised printing. It provides extra security that clearly shows if unauthorised individuals have tampered with the goods.


Banderoling is a way of sealing packages by applying paper or film bands that can be provided with customised printing.

Unique printing on Displays

We offer a huge selection of display stands for product exposure in stores and signposting. We can of course adjust them according to your needs and also design and produce customer uniqe displays.

We also print on decor well that you easily wrap around the pallet. A perfect surface for exposing campaign offers or product information in stores.