Bulk - Large packaging

We offer packaging for bulk handling of larger volumes, when piece goods is not an option.

Boxon is one of the largest players in Europe of large scale bulk handling. Our range of bulk packaging contains Big Bags, co called FIBC, which are the most cost effective and ideal type of packaging solutions for transporting and storing dry products.

Please visit our section of Bulk handling for more information.


Pallet boxes and octabines with self locking bottom construction means that one single person can, under less than a minute, put together the packaging. 

Never before has it ever been this easy to put together packaging in these sizes. 

Small Bags (Poly)

We offers different types of circular woven and laminated circular woven products from polypropylene granulate. We also offer flat fabric as well as laminated flat fabric out of tube. As a result of continues product development one of our products can offer full type variety of PP and PE plastic bags.

See our range of small bags.

Big Bags

Big Bags (FIBC's) are one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. In addition, big bags provide good exposure area for logo types and content declaration. An empty big bag takes up minimal space and is easy to handle and lift. Empty bags are returned for recycling as soft plastics.

See our range of Big bags.

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