Our boxes and cartons are made of cardboard, plastic, plywood, corrugated cardboard, wood, trays - to mention a few of the materials.

Boxon provides one of the best range of boxes based on long epxerience and knowledge. We offer hundreds of stock-kept standard boxes that covers most needs, but we also offer unique boxes custom made for your business and requirements.

For sealing options, se our range of sealing material.


Printed Packaging

There are almost no limits for what we can print on your packaging, regardless of its material. We offer several colour printing, with offset or digital methods. See some examples here or send us a request directly.

Design Boxes

Explore the benefits of designing your box. Not only does it expose and communicate your brand, it also helps strengthen brand awareness. 

See our examples ›

E-commerce boxes

Our e-commerce boxes have a fast-fold base and double-sided tape to make assembling and sealing quick and easy. This makes packing much easier.

See our range of postal packaging.

Big Bags

Big Bags (FIBC's) are one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. In addition, big bags provide good exposure area for logo types and content declaration. An empty big bag takes up minimal space and is easy to handle and lift. Empty bags are returned for recycling as soft plastics.

See our range of Big bags.

Case Erector

When handling large volumes of corrugated cardboard a case erector can be a good option. Our case Erector Super Box is available in three different sizes for different cartons format. See our machines from Robopac.