Bags are useful in many situations, and in our range you find plastic and paper bags, hoses and zip bags.

We also offer unique printing on the bags. Contact us today if you would like to now more and we'll tell you all about the possibilities.

Plastic Bags

Boxon has a varied assortment of plastic bags for different areas of use. These include various carrier bags, liner bags, repro bags, VCI-treated and anti-static bags, and flat plastic bags.

Paper Bags

Boxon provides various kinds of paper bags. Our product range includes plant carriers, paper carrier bags, canisters and flat bags.


Boxon’s transparent ziplock bags are made from environmentally friendly LD polythene plastic. We supply ziplock bags in various sizes, with suspension options and with or without white write-on fields.

Boost your zimplock bag with a unique printing! We offer 1 colour thermal printing on our entire standard range when ordering a minimum of 2000 pcs. If special bags are requested in different format and with printing up to 6 colours - contact us.

Mail order bags

Our product range includes a number of spacious and durable mail order bags with a transparent plastic pocket for invoices/dispatch notes.


Padded bags are an excellent alternative for sending easily damaged products. Boxon provides padded and cushioning bags in various sizes that protect your products.

Also see our range of postal packaging.

Plastic Tubing

Boxon’s polythene tubing is an excellent idea when you need to adapt packaging to the product’s dimensions. Seals easily with weld, wire twists, tape etc.

We also provide plastic tubing with black colour.