Simpler sealing

For simpler sealing we offer several options, such as PP strap, lacers and rubber bands. We also offer sealing stripes which gives a neat and clean appearance, as well as twist-ties for easy sealing.

Rubber Bands

We supply high-quality elastic rubber bands made of brown natural rubber for straightforward sorting and bundling.


We offer twine in various materials for straightforward bundling. We have sisal twine, film twine and hemp binder twine.

Sealing Strips

We offer rubberized strips of plant glue that is moistened with water and applied on the packaging. Works like "shotlifting fuse" since the sealing cannot be opened and closed without being noticed.

Wite twists

Our wire twists are resealable and made of polyethylene and reinforced with metal wire. We also offer Tie-Mac table machine for efficient sealing.