There are many different kinds of tape that are used for multiple purposes, e.g. sealing packages, isolation of electrical wiring and masking tape for painting. We supply an extensive range of tapes for different areas of use.

If you're looking for a specific tape, please contact us or give us a call and we'll help you.

Packaging Tape

Packing tape can be used in many different areas. We supply packing tape made of PP or PVC and with different adhesives depending on purpose.

Printed Tape

We offer printed tape in different dimensions and qualities with up to 8 colours. The advantages of a unique tape are many - brand building, theft prevention, identification, advertising opportunities, technical information and so on.

A neat printing motive without too many detailes and too small text is preferrable.

Fabric tape

Weatherproof universal tape that provides good protection against mechanical loads. Can be used for packaging, repair, labelling, sealing etc.

Our fabric tapes are robust with a thick weave and good adhesion property.

Maskin tape

We offer a thin, stretchy and smooth masking tape for most masking purposes. 

For more demanding masking jobs we offer masking tape of crepe paper with high quality, good heat resistance and that can withstand a maximum temperatur of +130 degrees. This tape can be used for both solvent and water based coating systems.

Fixing Tape

Our double sided fixing tapes are suitable for many demanding applications and has good adhesion and excellent temperature and water resistant properties. Rearable by hand.

Strapping Tape

Our strapping tapes are strong and has god adhesion. Suitable for cargo securing and bundling of tubes, wood etc.

We also offer reinforced strapping tape for bundling of heavy items and reinforcement of cardboard boxes, as well as cross-reinforced strapping tape with fiber glass strands.

Special Tapes

Our special tapes are for custom and specific use. We offer, among others, PVC tape suitable for masking, insulation tape, maskin tape, safety tape and tape for dangerous goods.

Please contact us if you're looking for a specific tape. We're sure we can help you!


Practical table dispenser for assembly, cellophane, office and document tape. 

Heavy construction enables the holder to stand firmly on the rubber base, which prevents the holder to slide.

Tape Machines

We offer tape machines from Robopac with a variety of optional add-ons. 

See our tape machine range.