Rust Protection

Products can be protected against corrosion in different ways. Boxon supplies VCI-treated packaging materials and desiccant bags, as well as advanced INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY™ corrosion protection.

INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY™ is a corrosion proection used for more than 20 years in the most extreme situations. INTERCEPT reacts with, and chemically binds the corrosive gases permanently. This creates a neutralized atmosphere that protects all materials contained in the package from corrosion and degradation. Moisture and oxygene, which migrates through the packaging material, will be stripped of from atmospheric corrosive gases and prevents corrosion.


VCI, i.e. "Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor" is a protection system that prevents rust. The VCI protection evaporates from the packaging material and condenses on the metal surface, where ut forms invisible layers to protect against corrosion for up to 5 years. After unpacking the protection dissapears within 2-3 hours and the packaging can then be recycled, incinerated or landfilled.


We have a varied assortment of plastic-related packaging materials that protect against corrosion. These include our stretch wraps, pallets hoods, films and bags.


We provides rust-protection paper treated with VCIs that evaporate to form a protective layer against rust on the product’s surface. Rust-protection paper works excellently as packaging material.



Using desiccant bags and a moisture indicator is an easy way to avoid damp packaging conditions that might otherwise damage contents.