Edge Protectors

There is a risk that the edges and corners of fragile goods may be damaged during transportation and storage. 

Boxon provides a variety of products to protect goods. We have corner protectors, edge protectors, strap guards and sections for this purpose. Also see our range of surface protection.


Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are an excellent means of protecting easily damaged corners during e.g. bundling, transportation and storage of goods.


Edge Protectors

Edge protectors protect the edges of goods against transport damage and also help to stabilize them during transportation. Boxon provides edge protectors made of recycled cardboard.

Strap Guards

Strap guards prevent damage to e.g. the edges of tightly strapped goods during transportation and storage. 

We provide strap guards with or without spikes made of plastic or recyclable cardboard, that will protect the goods when strapping and securing.

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Sections made of LD-PE provide water-resistant and formable protection. This is an environmentally friendly material that is CFC-free and recyclable.