Cushioning Protection

There are various ways you can prevent a product being damaged during storage and transportation, with cushioning protection

Boxon has a number of different materials and systems to prevent the product being displaced or damaged in its packaging. We also provide cushioning systems from FillPak and PadPak, to mention a few.

Corrugated Paper Roll

Corrugated paper is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging material that provides effective protection against impacts. 

Corrugated paper is an optimal choice for packaging and spacing of products with irregular shapes and sharp edges.


Bubble Wrap

The shock-absorbing properties of bubble wrap provide the perfect protection for products during transportation. We supply bubble wrap in various forms, including bags and tubing.


Foam is a flexible and easy to use protective material that is mainly sold in rolls. Foam is also a food-grade material.

Foam made of polyethen is perfect for surface protection, isolation as well as to increase the friction between surfaces. Foam is freon free and recyclable. 


Using fitments is an easy way to fix the product and prevent it from moving in its box. They are easy to adapt to any specific requirements.

The foam inside Instapak Quick RT shapes around the product which gives both fixation and padding as well as excellent cushioning all in one solution.

Stötdämpande Chips


Packaging chips are an effective filler material that surrounds and protects products from impacts. Boxon supplies environmentally friendly packaging chips.

Stötdämpande system

System Solutions

Boxon supplies a number of different cushioning system solutions which are either paper or plastic based depending on requirements. Several of our system solutions can be hired for a monthly fee.