Antistatic Protection

Sensitive electronics must be protected against static electricity to avoid electrostatic discharges - ESD - that may damage the goods. We can supply antistaic protection packaging and work tools.

To prevent damages caused by ESD and protect sensitive electronics against ESD (Electro Static Discharge), a well-functioning and adjusted ESD protection must exist and be implemented at all production and handling of sensitive eletronics. An important part of the ESD protection is to use the right packaging.

Please contact us for more solutions. The below mentioned antistatic materials and tools are just a few of our total range. Based on your requirements we can provide different material and types.

Antistatisk plast

Antistatic Plastic

Dissipative or shielding plastic bags ("pinkpoly"), bubble films and ziplock bags are just a few examples from our range of plastic packaging materials that protect against static electricity. These material has a very limited charging capacity which protects against discharges that occur outside the bag.

The bags are therefore suitable for non ESD sensitive material like mechanics, fasteners and plastic details.


Corstat Packaging

Packaging that protects against static electricity and has cushioning fitments.


Work Stations

We provide work stations that are protected against static electricity and dissipate electrostatic charges. Naturally, they come complete with tools and equipment.

See our range of work stations for more information.