Product Labelling

Product labelling is one of the largest development area within packaging today. We offer marking systems and printers for all manufacturing industry.

If the marking is done on cardboard, plastic, glass, labels, blister packs, hard packs or soft, bags or cartons, fresh or frozen, wood, concrete, ceramics, metal or plastic foam, does no matter to us.

For more information about labelling and traceability, se our range under Marking.

Inkjet Printers

We supply small and large inkjet printing as well as thermal and graphical printing. Regardless of what industry you are in we can offer you marking tools for product marking directly in production.

See our range of inkjet printers.

Laser Printing

Boxon can provide distinct, precise and long-lasting laser marking. We have vector-based lasers with galvano mirrors that control the laser beam, which means we can mark both stationary and moving products.

Read more about laser printing.


Foil printin (TTO) creates text and images with a high resolution on packaging with flexible surfaces, labels and glossy cards.

Read more about TTO.